Frequently Asked Questions


1. How much time will the program application process take? What information do you ask for?

A: The 11-question application form should take about 20-30 minutes to complete. If you are new to this, consider asking a local agency for support in filling out the application or connect with us. Here is a preview of the questions:

  1. Contact information & the two members who will be leading the walks
  2. Description of your group/organization and members who will be involved
  3. Description of your past experiences working with seniors
  4. Description of your past experiences hosting community events in parks & green spaces
  5. If you are partnering with other groups or organizations, please list them and briefly describe their role
  6. Information on your walks:
    1. Park location and if there are nearby amenities
    2. The target number of walkers at each walk
  7. What efforts will you make to ensure your walkers socialize and feel welcomed?
  8. What significance will these senior walking clubs have for your community?
  9. Provide a high-level budget and list any other sources of funding, confirmed or expected.

Before you apply we recommend you register your group with the Park People network.

2. Are there any other requirements or responsibilities for our group?

A: Your groups need to have a minimum of 2 people who will lead the walks and we strongly recommend you have more team members to support with outreach and planning.

In addition to hosting a minimum of 8 walks anytime between April 18th and October 18th, 2019, successful applicants will need to:

  • Add their groups to the park people map
  • Add the walking dates on our event map
  • Collect information from the walk to help us access the impact of the program. Templates will be provided at the training session.

3. Are small informal groups eligible to apply for this program?

A: Yes, grassroots community groups and small community-based organizations are encouraged to apply! Community groups interested in applying are not required to have a trustee or have charitable status. In the case of smaller or newly formed groups who do not have event planning experience, we strongly suggest collaborating with a local organization that does. Grassroots community groups representing and serving seniors are especially encouraged to apply.

4. Who qualifies as a senior or older adult?

A: This program is focused on seniors, anyone who is 65 years or older and older adults who are 55 years or older.

5. What is a walking club?

A: Simply put, it’s a group of people that meet regularly to go for a walk. We recommend you chose a regular date (e.g all Mondays in May and June from 10:00 am to 11:00 am) to help establish a routine for walkers. Consider your local community when deciding on the dates for your walks.

Review our ‘How to start a walking club’ resource for more details.

6. What counts as a park or green space?

A: Park People defines parks and green spaces as public spaces readily accessible to the public. Examples of parks or green spaces include city parks, social housing landscapes and other urban green spaces that are publicly accessible. Private property or green spaces that are not open to the public are not eligible for this funding.  If you have questions about your park or green space, please get in touch with us to confirm eligibility.

7. Do we need a permit to host our walks?

A: As long as you keep your number of participants under 25 and ask participants to register to join your walking club, you do not need a permit from the City of Toronto. If you would like to gather at a specific location in the park, you might want to consider getting a one-time booking. For more information on City, permits click here or call customer service at 416-392-8188 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

We also recommend you let your councillor and park supervisor about your plans to host a walking club in your community.

8. Who needs to attend the full day training in March?

A: If your group is successful and is selected to be part of Walk in the Park program, 2 seniors or older adults from your group who will be leading the walks need to attend this training. Training will include tips on community outreach, the basics of hosting a walk and engaging walkers of varying abilities, considerations for trail selection, risk management, and tips for keeping walkers engaged.

10. Do you have a sample budget?

A: Yes, take a look below of what a budget for Walk in the Park program could look like. The budget will differ based on your community.

Please note this money may not be used to purchase one-time use water bottles, please encourage walkers to bring their own reusable water bottles and encourage a low waste walk. The maximum amount allocated as an honorarium for walk leaders and other volunteers is $350.

Item Cost Notes
Snacks for walkers $310 This will help promote socializing and we are allocating around $35 – $40 per walk.
Outreach expenses $80 Printing and promotion
Sunblock $10
Walking poles for walkers who need them $200 Purchasing 4 walking poles at $50
TTC tokens $100 TTC tokens for those who require financial support to participate in 1 walk to experience the benefits of walking or to go on an excursion to a new park on the last walk.
Honorarium $300 To be shared between walk leaders and outreach volunteers