Found in Translation: Field Notes from Arts in the Parks Toronto

July 29, 2016

Park People

Much of the magic that happens in parks occurs in ‘moments’ that speak to the bigger impact that parks can have in helping us be our best versions of ourselves–as individuals, as communities and as cities.

Last week, Eric Woolfe from Eldrich Theatre, shared a moment from Arts in the Parks where his troop is performing The Cavalcade of Marvels in Panorama park.

I am often annoyed with stuffy old, uptight Toronto. But today as we performed The Cavalcade of Marvels for a truly multicultural crowd, I dragged a lady on stage for a rather involved card trick, only to have her say, “English. Not much.” To which I replied, “That’s great! My English is bad too.” And she said, “Okay”.

I said, “Pick a card”. And she had no idea. Another lady from somewhere else in the audience called out something in a language I didn’t even recognize, causing my brave volunteer to smile and pick a card. I said, “Hey! Can you translate for me?” And the second lady said, “Yes, I can.” So she came up too. Now, here are the three of us, doing a card trick. I say something. Secondly lady translates. First lady smiles from ear to ear. For the whole bit.
Where else in the world would that happen?



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