Get Buzzed at the Bee Line Parade and Pageant

June 6, 2017

Jake Tobin Garrett

For the past several Sundays, I’ve found myself creating bee bodies from cardboard, painting yellow and black stripes, and cutting out insect wings with our friends from Clay and Paper Theatre in preparation for our Bee Line on the Green Line Parade and Pageant. The Festival happens on Sunday, June 18th in Bartlett Parkette and you can register now to be part of this grand Father’s Day rumpus.


The costumes, props, and puppets for the parade and pageant are being created through community art workshops that have taken place on Sundays at 226 Geary Avenue between 11am and 5pm.


The Bee Line on the Green Line Parade and Pageant will bring to life (larger than life) the work of nearly 30 community pollinator garden stewards who are helping to plant four new pollinator habitat gardens this spring in parks along the Green Line with Park People. It is a celebration of our pollinator friends and everything that buzzes, tweets, and flaps.


People have stopped into the public art drop-in sessions with their kids to make flags, prints, and lend a hand in creating the giant bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds that will populate the June 18 parade. What’s really cool is that people will be able to participate in the event by wearing some of the costumes and props that they helped make. If you ever wanted to be a giant butterfly or a big bee, now’s your chance!


But this Sunday, June 11 is the last chance to drop-in and take part in bringing this festival to life through the work of the local community around the Green Line. “Bee” there or be square (sorry). So come by 226 Geary Avenue between

So come by 226 Geary Avenue between 11am and 5pm to make make some pollinator art that will be featured in a real-life parade!

Remember to come out on June 18th to the Bee Line on the Green Line Parade and Pageant to see all your work in action and be part of the festivities.



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