A Big Park People Thank You!

November 28, 2017

Brianna Aspinall

The power of parks is created by park people, like you, who are committed to making a real, lasting difference in their community and city. Park Groups create vibrant parks that create an energy you can feel.

As we get closer to the end of the year, our Park People team wanted to say a big THANK YOU to all the individuals and groups that make awesome things happen in our parks.

We put our creativity to work by playing with plasticine and created two versions of a park–one that has dedicated people activating the park and one that doesn’t.

Scroll through to read why we are so thankful for park groups, like yours!


“I am thankful for people who don’t sit back and complain about their park, instead they step up and make a positive difference in their community”


“I’m grateful for the park groups that try new things they have never done before in parks: nature walks, native plant gardens, pumpkin parades, Arts in the Parks, movie night etc. etc”




“I am grateful to all the park groups that hosted Pumpkin Parades this Halloween (47 in all!!)”




“I am thankful to park groups for planting native plants, removing invasive species & improving the biodiversity of our cities”




“I am thankful for all the people who water the newly planted trees to make sure our trees grow big and strong in our parks”




“I am grateful for all those Friends who take the time and make the effort to grow food in their parks. Urban agriculture does so much for the community: it’s social, it’s environmental; it’s delicious!”




“I am thankful to all the park groups that put on delicious food events in parks (because I love to eat)”



“I am thankful to park group that hold movies in parks”


“I am thankful for the arts events in parks”



“I am grateful for Park Friends Groups that take the time to host events in their park to help bring community together”

Whatever your role, if you contribute to making your park awesome,  we thank you for all your work, big or small. It adds up to great parks and quality of life in our communities and cities.


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