Questions and Answers about the TD Park People Grants program

February 14, 2018

Park People recently hosted a conference call to discuss the TD Park People Grants program, including the application process, eligible projects and expenses, and timelines for grant applications and responses. Members of the Park People team were on-hand to answer questions. We’ve summarized what we learned here. Thank you to everyone who dialed in.

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To learn more about the TD Park People Grants program, please visit the webpage and read our FAQ. Applications are due Monday March 5. To stay up to date about other funding opportunities and to stay connected to Canada’s city parks movement, sign up to receive Park People’s City Parks Post quarterly e-newsletter.


Questions and answers

Can we host events on school grounds?
Yes, if the location is publicly accessible and the event is open to all.

Can we use the funds for transportation to an event, for example bus tickets?

Can we host events in different parks around the city?
Yes. The three events can be held in multiple locations in the city, or in the same location.

If we don’t have non-profit status, do we need to find a group with non-profit status to be our sponsor?
No. You do not need non-profit or charitable status to apply. Informal grassroots groups are welcome to apply.

We are a new group and we are partnering with an existing organization to host our events. Are we eligible?
Yes. We encourage new groups to apply and we encourage partnerships with other organizations who can provide support for your events.

Can we target our events to specific communities, for example an agriculture event for newcomers?
You are welcome to focus your event theme or outreach efforts in specific communities as long as the event remains open to everyone.

We would like to do a three-part event series that takes place over the spring, summer and fall. Would this count as one or three events?
It would count as three events.

Can our three events take place in one month?

How many grants will be awarded?
11 grants per city.

Can the events be part of our already planned programming for the year?

Read more questions and answers on our FAQ page.

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