Lessons on Community Building from Get Together

October 24, 2019

Jodi Lastman

The new book Get Together is a great field guide for people who build community. The book features everything from a running group in Queens New York, to Weight Watchers, to Toronto’s infamous Choir Choir Choir, a group that gathers people together to sing popular songs in bars.

The book offers extremely useful lessons for community park groups who make awesome things happen in city parks.

Here are some key insights you can use right away.

Getting Started:

The authors of Get Together suggest that before putting out the call for a meeting to make the park better, you need to ask yourself two critical questions:

  1. Who do I want to get together?
  2. Why are we coming together?

In our experience, these are the right questions to begin with. Here’s some practical advice you can use to find your answer to the ‘who.’

 In Get Together the authors emphasize:

“Thriving communities demand a shared purpose, an answer to the question ‘why are we coming together?’

This leads us to a very critical point:

Maintaining Momentum:

The authors of get together remind us that :

“as your community swells beyond its early membership, the challenge will be to make sure your people stick together.”

We know this is a big challenge for community park groups. How do you keep attracting volunteers one, two, three years on? The book offers some creative solutions that can be applied to park groups.

The advice from the book boils down to this: be deliberate about cultivating community. As you likely already know, building a community is not a naive Field of Dreams: “if we build it they will come” endeavour. It takes time, work and lots of effort. However, if you start by grabbing a copy of Get Together, you’ll do a better job of making best use of your energy and intentions to make your park awesome.

Good luck! 



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