About Park People

Park People’s helps people activate the power of parks in cities across Canada. We do this in several ways:



We link partners with a shared interest in city parks such as community park groups, city staff, funders, businesses, and other partners working to transform city parks



We build the capacity of Community Park Groups across Canada, providing them with training and mentorship to build their capacity to make a difference in Canada’s city parks



We build interest in the community park group movement by profiling all the latest in park news to our network of over 10,000 park enthusiasts, and through research and reports profiling challenges and opportunities.



We highlight creative approaches to parks as tools for city building through projects such as the Green Line, programs like Sparking Change that highlight what’s possible for our city parks



We produce research and regularly publish content that highlights best practices and insights to support thriving city parks.

A water fight to bring a community together

“A declaration has been made! East has been challenged by the West to an all-out water fight on Canada Day. Bring your buckets and your water guns and all of the neighbours that you can gather!” This brazen challenge to a water fight was issued. It was the grand...

Meet our newest Park People person in Montreal

I first discovered  Park People's work and the Park People Network in March 2017, in Calgary, in the middle of winter. It was like meeting a distant cousin for the first time. To be honest, this kind of professional love at first sight does not happen often. But, I...