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Park People decided to help Toronto celebrate Valentine’s Day in an unconventional way. We’re inviting people to write love letters to their park. All of the entries will be posted around Valentine’s Day. Here’s one to inspire you. Post a love letter to your park by going here. Read other love letters on our blog.


Twice a day on my way to and from work I get to glance at your beauty. I gaze deep into your green bounty, your orange decay, or vast expanse of white. No matter what colour you are, you shock my system, and then I pass back into the concrete geometric city. You haunt my mind. A serene paradise. On my days off work I stow into your jewel of warmth and otherworldly foliage. We travel time in the pages of my books. Without you city living would be bleak. Thank you for always being there.

-Red Bulmer