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Park People decided to help Toronto celebrate Valentine’s Day in an unconventional way. We’re inviting people to write love letters to their park. All of the entries will be posted around Valentine’s Day. Here’s one to inspire you. Post a love letter to your park by going here. Read other love letters on our blog.


Dear Ramsden Park,
You are like my own backyard. Every morning I greet the day at the West End of Gibson Avenue and spend a little while wandering down to the Off Leash Area in the West End. Often we walk past Tennis Players and Children in the playground, but in the Winter, and on rainy days, it’s mostly just other dogs and their humans. We dogs aren’t simply fair weather friends, we love you every day of the year. From Yonge Street, to Avenue Road, there are so many variations of ways around the park that it’s never boring to wander Ramsden, my favourite place to go for a good sniff any time of day.


Cinnamon Ballchaser