Screen shot 2016-02-11 at 10.28.33 AMPark People decided to help Toronto celebrate Valentine’s Day in an unconventional way. We’re inviting people to write love letters to their park. All of the entries will be posted around Valentine’s Day. Here’s one to inspire you. Post a love letter to your park by going here. Read other love letters on our blog.






Dear Joel Weeks Park,

I remember before you were born: a barren, borded up space under development. I remember hearing children constantly asking when they would be able to swing and play again. I was part of the caring group that helped shape you and then watched and waited to welcome you with open arms.

You turned out to be all we hoped for and more. You’ve provided food for the community through garden space, and helped bring so many people together to celebrate holidays and birthdays, and are our go-to space for everyday play.

When my daughter was born we sat in the shade on your grassy hills to relax after sleepless nights, and enjoyed and explored your playground, sculptures, basketball courts and nature nearly every day. Many first steps and words were inspired by you!

We try our best to take care of you by keeping you clean and healthy, and keeping a watchful eye day-to-day.

You’re a part of our everyday life and an essential part of our community. Thank you for all the love you inspire and bring.