There is no better way to promote events than through an eye-catching poster or flyer. Well-placed promotional print pieces attract people that live closer to your park and should be used in combination with social media to reach multiple audiences. Here are our tips for creating print documents that have impact.

Get Your Info Straight:

The main goal for your event poster or flyer is to inform people about the event. Remember to include all of the critical information on your poster: title of event, organizers name, short description of the event, date, time, location of the event, and where to find more information (if necessary), Also, don’t forget to include sponsors and Partner logos.

Hierarchy of Information:

To make sure your print piece communicates clearly, create a hierarchy of Information. The title should be 3x the size of the subtitle or information text and the information should appear in the order it’s listed in the point above above. Use a maximum of three different fonts.

For tips on basic design principles see this good advice. Find posters you like and mimic their hierarchy of information. If there’s someone in your group who is a professional designer, see if they’re able to use this skill to support your group’s work. Good design is important to effectively convey your message in print.


Use the CRAP principle:

CRAP, a design principle created by Robin Patricia Williams inThe Non-Designer’s Design Book (a great book to invest in), stands for Contrast, Repetition, Alignment, and Proximity. The four design practices, when applied together, lead to quality design. Read more about the CRAP approach here.

Sell, sell, sell:

Make sure the poster or flyer includes details on why the event is interesting or fun for your target audience. For example, if you are focusing on families, highlight that this is an event that will be fun for kids. For example: “Get to know other local families and get your kids involved in crafts, games, and music activities.” Ask yourself what you think your target audience wants to get out of an event like yours, and up that up front in your messaging.

Use templates:

One simple shortcut is to use existing templates available for free online. Here are some free templates you can use for your posters and flyers.

Photo Credit: Leszek Kozlowski