A Park of Many Paths is a one-year project to establish new green infrastructure on the grounds of Mabelle TCHC in Etobicoke. MABELLEarts will work with landscape architects, artists, community leaders and local residents to construct and plant new rain and community gardens in the Mabelle Park. The rain gardens will consist of native plants and shrubs that will serve to divert storm run-off water away from sewers and into the often-dry Mabelle Park. The community garden will host native edible plants such as wild leeks, garlic, and mint to both increase the variety of native flora in the park and to provide a basis for some of MABELLEarts’s community engagement and educational activities. “This support from the W. Garfield Weston Foundation is critical to this innovative project on a community housing owned greenspace,” said Leah Houston, Artistic Director of MABELLEarts. “It will help us work with community members of all ages and backgrounds to transform a neglected greenspace within a high-density community housing complex into a dynamic, natural park and creative community hub.”