A recipe for Community: Making winter warmer in city parks across Canada

A very special time of the year is right around the corner. For many, it means exchanging gifts, hanging decorations, and enjoying delicious meals with family and friends. Thanks to Park People’s National Network we’re helping you prepare special treats this holiday season.

No doubt, your holidays will look different than any before. One thing Park People hopes will remain the same is that you will find meaningful ways to share the spirit of the season with your loved ones.

More than ever, people in cities are experiencing the magic of parks: spending time in nature as well as hosting birthday parties, cultural celebrations and more. This holiday season, community parks across Canada will be filled with the kind of community love and delicious food that is shared when parks’ community ovens are lit. Community ovens are a fabulous park resource that fills community members’ bellies and souls all year long.

This season we wanted to share some famous recipes from park groups across Canada who use park bake ovens to help feed the souls of their community.

This holiday season, please support Park People to spark magic in your local park. At this unprecedented time, Park People continues to support our National Network of 954 park groups to activate the power of parks in cities across Canada. Your gift will help Park People ensure our city parks continue to connect people to one another and to nature.

A gift of any amount will improve local parks and support communities’ mental and physical health this winter. Your support will help keep parks lit with warm community-building events and initiatives all year long. Give the gift of magic this holiday season and help make the city warmer.

We greatly appreciate your support for Park People.

Dave Harvey,
Executive Director, Park People


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