5 Ways to Create a more Skateable City

Skateboarding is often something we design out of our cities. We install metal bumps on concrete ledges and extra railings and barriers where they otherwise wouldn’t be needed. We put up signs with big red slashes through them. The message is clear: this space isn’t...

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2016 Pumpkin Parades

Toronto, Find Your Pumpkin Parade! Be part of a great Toronto tradition that started in Sorauren Park more than 10 years ago. This year, there are 34 Pumpkin Parades scheduled at parks across Toronto. It's a great way of stretching Halloween fun a day longer. Check...

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Salmon Festival: A Preview

If you're lucky enough to see the Salmon spawning at the TRCA's Salmon Festival at Highland Creek on Oct 2, you'll witness a fish about the size of a two-year-old kid. Literally. Chinook Salmon regularly weigh in at 25 lbs. The fish is so spectacular,  when Catherine...

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