Three Fall Events for your Park

octobre 9, 2019

Jodi Lastman

Sure the heat of summer is behind us. But that doesn’t mean you need to wind down events at your park.

In fact, with the leaves turning and a nip in the air, fall is the perfect time to get people outside connecting to one another in the park.

TD Park People Grant recipients have come up with incredible ideas to get people into the park to enjoy harvest season. Here’s some inspiration for your group and community this fall. 

Explore The Fungus Among Us

Help your community learn about the wonderful world of mushrooms by exploring what’s under foot in your park. Peek under a tree stump or pile of leaves and you’ll find a world waiting to be explored.

Your park group can host an event to help people identify mushrooms and learn all about their culinary, medicinal and spiritual purposes.

If you’re leading a mushroom-focused nature walk it’s best to enlist a professional mycologist or mushroom expert. 

With support from the TD Park People Grant program, Derby Reach Brae Island Park Association in Vancouver is hosting a Mushroom Foray on October 26th and Richmond Nature Park in Richmond BC is hosting a Mushroom Show November 5th. 


Fall for Birds:

Halifax Northwest Trails hosts an annual event to get the birds ready for the long winter ahead. The group gets people together to craft simple bird feeders and hang them along the trail. If you gather people in the park to make bird feeders, you can hang them in the park, or invite people to bring them home to hang them in their yards. In winter, when food is scarce, the birds will be delighted to stumble on unexpected snacks. Here’s some good advice on fall bird feeding.


All Things Pumpkin:

Pumpkins are a must-have accessory for fall. Make it easy for your community by hosting a pumpkin patch in the park. You can buy your pumpkins in bulk, and either give them away or sell them to raise funds for your group.

You can also host a pumpkin carving party. Get some local artists to help people who are new to carving pumpkins to make sure it’s done safely. TD Park People Grant recipient North Shore Neighbourhood House is hosting a pumpkin patch

If you haven’t hosted a Pumpkin Parade in your city park, now’s your chance.  On November 1st, encourage people to bring their creative Jack-o-lanterns to the park and form a path of lit pumpkins for people to enjoy. It’s become a huge phenomenon in Toronto parks. TD Grant recipients Heart Lake Happenings in Brampton and Friends of Silver Creek and Friends of Cedarbrook and Thompson Memorial Parks in Toronto are hosting Pumpkin Parades this year.  Start the trend in your city. 


Special thanks to TD for supporting park groups through their Ready Commitment program.