eco-anxiety dog fashion show

Organizer: Pointe-Saint-Charles Art School

This is a Fashion Show Against Climate Change: Recycled/biodegradable materials fashion show for dogs/ humans. This will be a two part workshop. Part 1 will be the conceptualization and creation of costumes with recycled materials* or biodegradable materials such as leaves twigs etc. Participants would be asked to create an outfit or costume for themselves , their dog, or both, that highlights an important aspect of what the climate emergency means to them, their hopes for how it will be addressed, and their hopes for the future of the global environment. Part 2 is the fashion show, where everyone will get to show their outfits and appreciate each others work. For this part of the activity, more commiunity members are welcome to come and attend. We will provide snacks and beverages for attendees, as well as prizes such as art supplies and free art classes. ( *via CCUR re-use center-- a lot of great free art materials.)

Hosted by: Pointe-Saint-Charles Art School

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Date & Time

Sat, Jul 09, 2022
to Sat, Jul 09, 2022

11:00 - 12:30