Environmental Action Day

Organizer: Odyssey Theatre

We are hosting an Environmental Action Day, a day to expand on the environmental themes of our summer production and encourage the community to see Strathcona Park as a green space worthy of their attention and care. The event will begin with a youth-led cleanup and beautification of the park and the banks of the Rideau River that runs alongside it. Teams will be cleaning up the waste and disposing of it properly in partnership with a local wast and recycling company. Each team will be provided with native species plants to help beautify the landscape of the park and the riverbank. Participants will be able to tour an Eco Fair. There will be several local environmental organizations on hand to give demonstrations of what they do and offer participants helpful tips and advice on maintaining an eco-friendly lifestyle. The organizations will be able to network with local community members and build strong relationships.

Hosted by: Odyssey Theatre

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Date & Time

Sun, Aug 05, 2018

10:00 AM - 2:00 PM


453 Laurier Avenue East
Ottawa ON K1R 0A2