Organizer: Shadowland Theatre

Birds are everywhere, and in cities they are especially present in parks. We often don’t notice them, but we would certainly miss them if they were absent. Shadowland Theatre invites community members of all ages to join in a week-long residency in Alexmuir Park to celebrate birds and birdlife. Daily workshops will be led by professional artists in stilt-walking, visual arts, puppetry, costume-making, story-telling, and Indigenous teachings. It will all culminate in a colourful, celebratory parade that takes flight around Alexmuir Park accompanied by local traditional Chinese musicians and dancers. Everyone is welcome. Feathered Friends will bring awareness to the presence of bird life in and around Alexmuir Park and highlight their importance in Indigenous and other cultures; their environmental roles and significance; and, the visual and sonic contributions they make in art, story, and celebration. The workshops will include: • Indigenous teachings based on the Medicine Wheel, nature and local wildlife • Exploration with a bird expert to identify bird species and habitat • Creation of a willow bird sculpture • Stilt-walking classes that teach basic technique and choreography • Design and creation of bird and stilt costumes • Music sessions to learn simple percussion, rhythm, and song • Flag choreography and animation • Creation of bird houses and nests as decoration and costume pieces • Shadow puppetry and other forms of puppets • Theatre games for children • Story-telling and story creation Image and event from https://artsintheparksto.org/event/feathered-friends/2018-07-09/
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Date & Time

Mon, Jul 09, 2018
to Wed, Jul 11, 2018

10:00 AM - 6:00 PM


205 Alexmuir Boulevard
Toronto ON M1V 1T7