Niibi bimaadiziwin/Water is Life Walks

Organizer: Indigenous Peoples Solidarity Group

Celebrations of Canadian Rivers Day on June 12th and World Rivers Day on September 25th, these walks focus on sharing stories of now-buried waterways between which Noojimo’iwewi Gitigaan is situated, and those of the greenspaces along their routes. Rooted first in Indigenous Tkaronto, stops allow participants to learn Water Teachings that honour Indigenous spiritual and ecological practices as well as come to an understanding of how colonialism altered the Land and Water. Artwork by Christi Belcourt.

Hosted by: Indigenous Peoples Solidarity Group/Noojimo’iwewin Gitigaan

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Date & Time

Sun, Jun 12, 2022
to Sun, Sep 25, 2022

14:00 - 14:00