Pollinator Week Celebrations

Organizer: Little Mountain Neighbourhood House

We provide local area resources to support pollinators and kick off pollinator week. This year we invite the community to visit our Pollinator Learning Resources page for our seasonal maps and self-guided walks. For 2021 here is what you can do along with us: * Our “Follow The Swallowtail in the Garden”’ video, narrated by Master Gardener and Butterflyway Ranger, Selina Pope, will be filmed in the garden during pollinator week. We will post it so that you can also follow their path around the garden. * Lori Weidenhammer, aka Madame Beespeaker, is creating a Butterfly plants map for release during Pollinator Week. Lori is also curating the Spring Pollinator Map and will update the current Summer map when we have the blooming plant inventory complete. * Play Pollinator Bingo with your kids and family. Download the cards and see what you find in the garden and in your community. * Watch Selina Pope, Master Gardener and David Suzuki Foundation Butterflyway Ranger, as she leads Rangers in training on a tour of the garden focusing on butterfly plants. The tour complements the Butterfly Map. * Come see our new Mason Bee Hive from the Bee Conservancy Sponsor-A-Hive program. We will be providing more education as we work to establish a habitat for our wild native bees. Visit our Pollinator Learning Resources page on the Riley Park Community Garden website for more information.

Hosted by: Little Mountain Neighbourhood House Society’s Riley Park Community Garden

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Date & Time

Tue, Jun 22, 2021
to Mon, Jun 28, 2021

9:00 AM - 8:00 PM


50 East 30th Avenue
Vancouver BC