How to write and share volunteer descriptions

Community groups like yours run on volunteers. You’re probably a volunteer yourself! Getting enough volunteers, and the right volunteers, is crucial to the very longevity of most community based organizations.

Writing and effectively sharing a volunteer description is one way to recruit volunteers. It provides clarity on the needs of your groups, on the teams roles and responsibility, and most importantly tells the community you are looking for volunteers!

The only difference between volunteer job postings and paid postings is the lack of pay and the fact that the person writing them is generally not a Human Resources professional.  Read on for tips to help you succeed in writing and sharing volunteer job descriptions that result in volunteers  who provide your group with new skills or perspectives.


Effective outreach means turning outreach ‘inside out’

Outreach is a term that can be deceiving. It presumes an “insider” group that’s trying to reach people who are “outsiders.” A better approach, and one championed by Nawal Ateeq, Chair of Flemingdon Community Support Services, is to consider everyone in your community (and beyond) to be “insiders”–they just may not know it yet.

Nawal’s group is interwoven into the web of neighbourhood connections that help serve the needs of the many Toronto newcomer communities that call Flemingdon Park their home. Flemingdon is a highly diverse neighbourhood in Toronto’s North York populated by a number of tower communities. Here’s how Nawal turns the concept of outreach inside out and gets people to share green space in Flemingdon Park.


Speak with the media and get yourself in print

The media is always looking for interesting stories. Your park group’s events, programs, improvements or advocacy can make a great story that can be featured in local newspapers, on radio or podcasts, or on websites or blogs. This can give a boost to your event, help attract volunteers, or get the public to rally behind your park improvements.


Make Instagram work for you

Parks can be very photogenic. Whether you’re sharing a photo of a smiling volunteer at your outdoor festival or a short video of snow falling on your park’s trees, Instagram is a great platform for park people like you. In fact, because park work is often so visual, Instagram should be one of the top-two social media platforms you use. Here are some tips to get you started.

Use print media to promote your park activities

There is no better way to promote events than through an eye-catching poster or flyer. Well-placed promotional print pieces attract people that live closer to your park and should be used in combination with social media to reach multiple audiences. Here are our tips for creating print documents that have an impact.

Take great pictures in your park

Having great photos of your park or park event can help you attract volunteers, build your social media profile, strengthen your funding proposals and make your posters really pop.  Here are some steps to help you take awesome shots that show your park in the best possible light.

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