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Blooming Boulevards

Our group's focus is pollinator support and community education. By growing locally indigenous wildflowers in neighbourhood parks we are providing food and nesting spaces for our 400 species of native bees. These bee species are declining at precipitous rates, with one species common just a decade ago now the on the endangered list. Loss of habitat is a major reason. It makes sense to grow native pollen-laden and nectar-rich flowers that feed butterflies and bees. And in neighbourhood parks, up

Parks we work in:

  • Spruce Park

Choses que nous faisons:

  • mobilisation
  • project de science grand public
  • sensibilisation à l'environnement
  • projets de restauration de l'environnement
  • jardinage
  • jardins indigènes/de pollinisateurs
  • gérance de l'environnement
  • ateliers

Nous recherchons des volontaires dans ces domaines:

  • Volontaires réguliers
  • Volontaires occasionnels

Où vous pouvez nous trouver

  • 280 Angelene Street, Mississauga, ON, Canada