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Beaconsfield Garden Society

Beaconsfield Society Garden is a nonprofit garden group that promotes organic gardening in Beaconsfield Park in the city of Vancouver. Our aim is to create an opportunity for urban dwellers to grow their own organic vegetables, fruit, berries and herbs while raising awareness of stewardship and sustainability in the park. A secondary outcome of our garden’s existence is the fostering of social connection in a large city where people become isolated and mental health declines due to loneliness.

Parks we work in:

  • Beaconsfield Park

Things we do:

  • community garden
  • environmental education
  • food forest/orchard
  • invasive species removal
  • native/pollinator gardens
  • stewardship
  • tree planting
  • workshops

We're looking for volunteers in these areas:

  • Regular volunteers

Where you can find us

  • 3215 Slocan St, Vancouver, BC V5M 3E4, Canada

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