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Callingwood-Lymburn Community League

The Callingwood-Lymburn Community League (CLCL) is a group of volunteer community members who represent, organize and provide different opportunities for residents of all ages. Activities are social, recreational and cultural in nature with the goal of promoting a sense of community and enhancing the quality of life within the neighborhood. CLCL desires to encourage and increase participation of all residents, preserve the safety and security of the neighborhood, provide leadership and protect the interests of the community as well as maintain and improve the physical attributes of the community. One of the ways that we do this, is through our annual Kites over Callingwood festival that is held at Callingwood park and is on its 27th annual year. Kites over Callingwood is a festival that unites the community through various activities, a free breakfast and of course kite flying! This is a great way for people in the area to come together at a beautiful park and enjoy each others company and the great outdoors.

Parks we work in:

  • Callingwood Park

Things we do:

  • community ice rink
  • festivals
  • picnics/bbqs
  • yoga

Where you can find us

  • 17740 69 Avenue Northwest, Edmonton, AB, Canada

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