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DAB Neighborhood Art Connection

We are a collection of graduate students pursing our masters in a degree called Education for Sustainability at the University of British Columbia. Through our course, we were connected with the South Vancouver Neighborhood house and learned of some of the issues facing South Vancouver. One thing we came to focus on inequities of city resources spent in the Victoria- Fraserview, Killarney and Sunset neighborhoods. These neighborhoods are full of new comers to Canada, and it seems that many often see this is a spring board to move somewhere else in the city. This lack of pride in these neighborhoods, not seeing the collective stories of the people who live there, could mean that as a whole they are less likely to advocate for resources from the city. We hope to use public art to help display the stories of these South Vancouver residents out in the open, by connecting local residents with mural artists to help build pieces of public art that are place based and non-gentrifying. With the hopes that the city will begin to take notice of the people living here and help deliver the resources they need. We are currently working on a pilot project with a group of Punjabi seniors and an artist to help create a mural along the walkways of Sunset Park. If successful, we hope to create a placemaking guide to distribute to others hoping to do similar work and continue connecting other storytellers and artists to to help foster a sense of pride in South Vancouver neighborhoods. We already have a diverse network and funding for this first project but we would like additional resources to continue this work and to have a celebration of the neighborhood once the work is complete.

Parks we work in:

  • Sunset Park
  • Ross Park

Things we do:

  • community meals
  • dance
  • heritage conservation/education
  • mural(s)

We're looking for volunteers in these areas:

  • Regular volunteers

Where you can find us

  • Vancouver, BC, Canada

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