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Dance in Transit

Dance in Transit is about bringing people from all walks of life together to engage in the safe, healthy activity of social dancing. Dance has been scientifically proven to be better for our brains and bodies than any other activity, including cross-fit, walking, crossword puzzles, and yoga. Our goal is to encourage people of different ethnicities, social groups, ages, abilities, and interests to join us for invigorating activity. Dance in Transit is about discovering what we share in common aside from our differences and to foster the growth of those similarities. Dancing outdoors in our beautiful parks enhances the joyful experience of connecting through dance. This is the fifth year of Dance in Transit. To date, we have been drastically underfunded and I have invested my own money into the project each year because I believe in the value of the project for community building and social integration.

Parks we work in:

  • Second Beach
  • VAG South and North Plazas
  • Andy Livingstone Park
  • Andy Livingstone Park

Things we do:

  • dance
  • festivals
  • music

We're looking for volunteers in these areas:

  • Regular volunteers
  • Occasional volunteers

Where you can find us

  • 800 Robson Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada

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