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Excel Society

The Excel Society is a non-profit service provider in Community Living and Supportive Services in Alberta. We care about people, and we want people who come to the Excel Society to feel accepted, valued, cared for and connected to a meaningful community of support. We house, support, and enrich the lives of people with complex mental health needs and disabilities because it is the right thing to do, and we have what it takes to safely provide exceptional care.

To enrich the lives of our clients, engage with the community, steward our stakeholders and donors, each year we have a variety of events held in community parks. We primarily choose parks to host our events, because parks have a safe, natural and inviting environment where our clients can comfortably enjoy the nature, do things they like, and interact with others in the community.

1) Excel Society Party in the Park at Edmonton Hawrelak Park (August 23, 2019)
 Edmonton Hawrelak Park is a historical site situated in the heart of downtown Edmonton, where it’s a very popular and convenient location for any outdoor activities. The park has all we need for an event – waters, greens, a picnic site, and a playground.
 2019 is our third year organizing Party in the Park at Edmonton Hawrelak Park. It is an opportunity for us to bring the community together and give back to those who supported us along the way. It's become our biggest annual event and our most important ritual where all of everyone in the community, our staff, clients, families and friends are welcome to join and share time together in Edmonton.

2) Edmonton Disabilities and Mental Health Awareness Walk at Edmonton Rundle Park (June 16, 2019)
 Rundle Park is our regular go-to for our day program outdoor activities, so our clients are most familiar with. There’s family centre right in the park – a great indoor area where people can rest and chat.
 Being the organizer of the very first Disabilities and Mental Health Awareness Walk in Edmonton, our goal is to create awareness and support for the clients and families we serve, and raise the profile of disabilities and mental health care service providers in Alberta.
 The Walk is a free event where all the participants will walk in a loop to raise awareness for disabilities and mental health, learn about various disabilities and mental health illnesses and how a mental health care service provider supports people with different diagnoses in their everyday life.

3) Rhythm & Taste of the Garden of Truth (July 12, 2019)
 The Garden of Truth is an aboriginal-themed pocket park and community garden located right across the street of one of Excel Society’s major Designated Assisted Living sites in downtown Edmonton. The Excel Society proudly joined the planning and construction of the Garden of Truth along with Husky Energy and the City of Edmonton.
 To celebrate the completion of the park and kick off our community immersion initiative, a small free concert will be hosted at the park and everyone in the neighbourhood is welcome to join for a free lunch gathering.

Parks we work in:

  • William Hawrelak Park
  • Rundle Park
  • Garden Of Truth

Things we do:

  • campfire
  • crafts/folk art
  • music
  • parades
  • picnics/bbqs
  • visual arts

We're looking for volunteers in these areas:

  • Regular volunteers
  • Occasional volunteers

Where you can find us

  • William Hawrelak Park Road Northwest, Edmonton, AB, Canada

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