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Fallowfield Community Association

The Park
Rooney Park,15 Steeple Hill Crescent,Ottawa ,Ontario and attached Monaghan Forest

Rooney Park is the geographical and cultural center of the village of Fallowfield, in the city of Ottawa.The land was deeded to St Patrick Roman Catholic Church by two different members of Bernard Rooney's family in 1884 and 1909. The park is leased to the Parks and Recreation Department of the City of Ottawa. It consist of over ten acres and is adjoined to a 50 acre Monaghan Forest which is a city owned natural resource for trail and dog walking. The park features a baseball diamond, soccer pitch, swings and play area for children and a very large open area which is used for ultimate Frisbee and pick up games of football. A city built, but community maintained and managed full sized ice rink dominates the winter park usage.

The Fallowfield Community Association (FCA)

The community association exists to provide a mechanism for maintaining and improving the quality of life in the village. The elected executive serve as a facilitator for community involvement and communication. The mix of residential and agricultural residents create a unique charm and character for the over 500 residents.

The events in the Park.

Over the last 4 years the FCA has worked hard at reestablishing a community spirit that seemed to have faded over time. The park was the centerpiece for increasing community involvement. The following events are planned for the park in 2018.
1)The community is currently providing the volunteer services for the making, maintenance and management of the community ice rink. This involves planning and conducting free skating lessons for children, community skating times and providing supervisory services for external renters of the ice rink.
2) A winter carnival was held at the park on Feb 3 this year. It featured community skating, hockey, skills competitions and an open fire pit for marshmallow roasting. This event brought a wide range of residents from all age groups. Over 25 children and 30 adults participated.
3) A "clean up the community" event is planned for April/May of this year. This will be the 3rd year for this event. We clean both Roonie Park and all trails in Monaghan Forest. They are one of the core areas for the clean up, as they tend to collect a good deal of garbage (both windblown and discard items). This area is very popular with local walkers and without this event the park would soon lose its charm and desirability. The cleanup is ended with a bbq for all participants. This has become a popular family affair with all age groups becoming involved.
4)The main event for the park is the 4th annual corn roast and BBQ. This is planned for the first Saturday after Labour Day. Last year's event had us serving over 200 people free fresh corn, hot dogs, hamburgers and other local goodies. The corn roast was supplemented by a wandering magician who entranced the children, a local country and western band, a small car show and was closed off by a fireworks display (which was new for this event and a huge participant draw that we hope to continue this year). The success of this event involved over 25 volunteers and hundreds of volunteer hours.

Parks we work in:

  • Roonie Park
  • Monaghan Forest

Things we do:

  • campfire
  • cleanups
  • community ice rink
  • community meals
  • hiking
  • picnics/bbqs
  • playground
  • stewardship
  • walking

Where you can find us

  • 15 Steeple Hill Crescent, Nepean, ON, Canada