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Glebe Community Association Parks Committee

The GCA Parks Committee (GPC) promotes parks and parklands in the Glebe area. It invites representation from users of each of the Glebe area parks.

The GPC values the recreational and pastoral qualities of our too limited green spaces and seeks to enhance our parks’ beauty, appreciation, benefits and security for a diversity of users.

The GPC collaborates with the City and the NCC to provide community oversight of parks and parkland in the Glebe, consulting on community needs, heritage landscaping, parkland acquisition, new park development, and recommending actions to the GCA.

As part pf an evidence-based approach to community needs, the GPC maintains an inventory of the Glebe’s designated parks, noting dates of major improvements, scheduled maintenance programs including life-cycle maintenance, permitted usages, age-sets served by existing equipment, and access.

The Committee identifies needed capital investments in our parks based on community-identified gaps in service. It develops principles for prioritizing the allocation of annually available Cash in Lieu of Parkland (CILP) funds, and works with other GCA committees to design projects and develop budget requests for investments not always covered by the City’s budget. It recommends these investments to the GCA for submission to the City.

The Glebe Parks Committee tries to facilitate community consultation with the City Parks and Recreation Department on the design of Glebe area park upgrades, and to participate in the preparation of the City’s Master Plan for Parks, hoping to address issues related to urban parks and intensification. It works to acquire new park areas.

GCP representatives visit their parks and notify City staff when maintenance is needed. Park representatives are encouraged to coordinate park users and park neighbours to become active participants in ‘Adopt A Park’ groups under the City’s program, participating in spring and fall park clean ups. The GPC invites and encourages collaboration with any existing groups that have pre-established Adopt A Park initiatives in the area, and encourages the formation of neighborhood groups working on park maintenance, security and development.

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