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Heritage Toronto

Heritage Toronto is a charity and agency of the City of Toronto that celebrates our city's rich natural, cultural, and built heritage and the diverse stories of its people, places, and events.

We collaborate with volunteers, community organizations, and corporate partners, to provide city-wide programming and services. Through our Tours program, we provide accessible and free shared experiences that connect people, build strong communities, and encourage social cohesion.

Because parks are public spaces that have the power to build strong communities, healthy environments, and resilient cities, we strive to include parks in our tours -- whether the main focus or a part of the route -- whenever possible.

Some of the parks we have toured through over the last couple years include: Guild Park, Downsview Park, Ireland Park, Berczy Park, Earl Bales Park, Riverdale Park West, St. James Park, Chorley Park, and Budapest Park.

Parks we work in:

  • Guild Park
  • Downsview Park
  • Ireland Park
  • Ireland Park

Things we do:

  • heritage conservation/education
  • indigenous culture
  • nature walks
  • walking

Where you can find us

  • 157 King Street East, Toronto, ON, Canada

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