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J. Percy Page High School

Our group, the Earth Club at J. Percy Page High School comprises of a select group of passionate and committed students who are willing to dedicate their time, and effort to making the school and it's community a greener and healthier place. Earth Club at J. Percy Page High School is led by Dr. Rebecca Taylor, a dedicated Biology teacher and is student led by Hamza Khan. The club, although fairly new, has recently accomplished some interesting achievements; making use of student voice and embracing a collaborative approach, Earth Club was able to receive funding for garden beds behind the school. This area has drastically been transformed; from an ignored area outside the school to a place where graduates go to take pictures before prom. Not only were the concrete garden beds installed but with the united effort of our school's Rotary Interact club and other passionate students we were able to plant beautiful trees, perennials, and annuals of various colours. More recently, a separate garden bed that was not in use has been cleaned up, and had extensive work to it to plant vegetables like tomatoes, potatoes, peas, carrots, lettuce etc... These vegetables were open to the school community for consumption and were also used by the school's culinary/foods classes, emphasizing the use of organic, and local ingredients. Earth Club is particularly excited with a recent tree planting event that we had last year in collaboration with the City of Edmonton and "Root for Trees" in which we planted around 20+ trees of various types along the west side of the school's field/ Mill Woods park (parallel to Mill Woods Road NW)... this effort was a collaborative one with the help of passionate student volunteers , and mean that the school's field now has more privacy, and is a greener space.

With this funding, Earth Club hopes to continue to embrace it's Pro Park attitude and hold events like a campfire, community barbecue, community clean up, tree planting, and develop an area behind the school which is currently scarcely used by students into one that students use more often in the warmer months. This aim for revitalization includes plans to include benches and creative seating area, planting flowers, and advertising the area to students. We also hope to hold a few events in this small space that remind students what an excellent space it is for spending their lunch time in the warmer months. Such events could include school wide games, water fights, and educational activities. The Earth Club at J. Percy Page High School is continuing in it's exploration of ways by which we can transform the back green area of the school into a place that is enjoyed by students, staff, and community. 53°27'21.9"N 113°26'46.7"W are the co ordinates of the area that we aim to revitalize , although separate from Mill Woods Park, it is a really interesting space with some potential for a valuable transformation. This funding would allow us to invest in infrastructure that could change the use of the area into a place where students gather, and to also host events, thus promoting the value of parks.

Parks we work in:

  • Mill Woods Park
  • 53°27'21.9"N 113°26'46.7"W

Things we do:

  • cleanups
  • community garden
  • environmental education
  • heritage conservation/education
  • picnics/bbqs
  • stewardship
  • tree planting
  • walking

Where you can find us

  • 2702 Mill Woods Road Northwest, Edmonton, AB, Canada (Coordinates of area: 53°27'21.9"N 113°26'46.7"W)

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