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Mississauga Animal Services

Mississauga Animal Services Mission statement - To provide compassion, quality, and reliable service to our stakeholders; A commitment to excellence in animal care at our shelter and in the community; to promote, educate and enforce responsible pet ownership.
Animal Services hosts information sessions in relation to coyote activity in areas in Mississauga particularly parks. We also educate residents about animal related issues including wildlife feeding and keeping dogs on leash in parks. Our Animal Services Officers regularly patrol parks to ensure compliance with our bylaws. We maintain a presence at park events and spread awareness about animal related issues at our local parks. Animal Services also attends our local leash free parks for events and to educate and enforce our bylaws. We also respond to and rescue domestic and wildlife that are found to be sick, injured or posing a threat to public safety. There are many concerns in our local parks including dumping of food (feeding wildlife), off leash dogs, dog owners teaching their dogs to attack, aggressive dogs, dumping of animals, and many more concerns. Animal Services continues to address these issues and educate the residents of Mississauga so that we can gain compliance and maintain public safety.

Parks we work in:

  • Jack Darling Memorial Park
  • Garnetwood Park

Things we do:

  • environmental education
  • farm/zoo
  • festivals
  • nature walks
  • walking

Where you can find us

  • 735 Central Parkway West, Mississauga, ON, Canada

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