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Northwood Neighbourhood Services

Senior citizens in our community remain isolated and disconnected from events in our community and lack the knowledge on environmental benefits and issues that they are able to take part in. There is a preconceived myth that the main target audience for learning about taking care of the environment is youth, when this notion neglects the reality that seniors are large contributors in the community and the environment. Teaching seniors about parks and nearby areas where they can take part in nature activities and enhance the environment and their own lives simultaneously through planting gardens, helping to clean up in parks, being able to identify weeds and other harmful environmental factors, and increase their own health through outdoor walks and exercise classes. With this they are able to not only feel included within their communities but also enhance the environment. Through this project, we aim to make the seniors of our community environmental agents of change and active leaders.

Things we do:

  • advocacy
  • cleanups
  • community garden
  • community meals
  • crafts/folk art
  • dance
  • environmental restoration
  • farmer's market
  • gardening
  • heritage conservation/education
  • invasive species removal
  • mural(s)
  • music
  • native/pollinator gardens
  • nature walks
  • picnics/bbqs
  • tai chi
  • tree planting
  • visual arts
  • walking
  • workshops

Where you can find us

  • 1860 Wilson Avenue, North York, ON, Canada

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