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Ottawa Central Park Community Association

The Ottawa Central Park Community Association is run by volunteers who live in the Central Park community. The Association's purpose is to bring the residents of our community together, to promote a feeling of inclusion and well-being in the community, and to improve everyone's experience of living in Central Park. Neighboring communities are also welcome to enjoy any public events that we organize.

Central Park contains about 1000 homes and 4 parks. The main/central park is called Celebration Park. It contains a large playground, tennis courts, a soccer field and a splash pad and constitutes a huge attraction for our residents, as well as people from neighboring communities. The following is a list of specific ways in which we use our parks:

1. Our largest park event is the Central Park Fun Day, when we provide amusements (games, bouncy castles, etc...), music and various food. The event lasts attracts several hundred people.
2. We also take care of all our parks and host an annual 'Community Clean-up Day', where residents come out and spend several hours cleaning up the park in the spring. Always a valuable and social occasion!
3. While not an exclusively park-centric event, we organize an annual community Garage Sale, which is very popular and attracts people from far and wide.
4. In keeping with our mandate to include events for seniors, the community is looking to start tai chi and/or yoga in the park this summer. We have been running these events indoors during the fall and winter and found them to be very popular.
5. Celebration Park contains a large soccer field, which serves as a hub for local soccer clubs.
6. In the winter, and with some support from the City, we run an ice rink, which is known to be one of the best-maintained community ice rinks in Ottawa.
7. In the winter we host a miniWinterlude, which involves a range of winter games and activities, ice rink events, hot chocolate and a campfire marshmallow roast. We just ran this event and, despite the weather, it was super fun and very well attended.

Photos of all the above events can be found on our Facebook page photo albums.

Parks we work in:

  • Celebration Park
  • Madison Park
  • Alphabet Park
  • Alphabet Park

Things we do:

  • campfire
  • cleanups
  • community ice rink
  • community skate park
  • environmental education
  • festivals
  • picnics/bbqs
  • playground
  • tai chi
  • yoga

Where you can find us

  • Celebration Park, Ottawa, ON, Canada