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Parc Daisy-Peterson-Sweeney / Daisy Peterson Sweeney Park

The Daisy Peterson Sweeney park is yet to be officially inaugurated by the City of Montreal due to COVID-19 restrictions. When the Peterson Sweeney Family met with Mayor Plante about the location of a park and street named in Dr. Sweeney's honour, they discussed having various music learning, appreciation and playing activities in the park would speak to the famed music and piano teacher's love of music and children was discussed Our newly-formed group will explore this vision.

Parks we work in:

  • Parc Daisy-Peterson-Sweeney

Things we do:

  • music

Where you can find us

  • Parc Daisy-Peterson-Sweeney, Rue Daisy-Peterson-Sweeney, 2700 Rue Rufus-Rockhead, Montreal, Quebec H4C 3L8