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Prairie Drive Park Community Gardeners

• Inviting the school kids, youth and residents to motivate, promote, engage and educate to support and protect the environment and health
• Offering demonstrations, workshops, or garden tours
• Installing informative signage, plant labels or interpretive art
• Inviting the community to participate in planting, maintenance, and celebratory activities
• Engaging users of the green space (youth, teachers, seniors, families and others) to participate in planning, implementing and/or maintaining the garden
• Developing an online tool, webinar or instructional video
• Promoting to avoid plants and seeds treatment with pesticides, such as Nondeterministic and not spray pesticides.
• Creating tool kits, how-to guides, lesson plans, and/or teaching activities
• Collecting seeds, sharing plants and/or helping others start their own garden in the lawn and vegetables garden sites.
• Promoting the pollinator garden to beautify, dignify and create decent scenarios of the park
• Participating in citizen science projects and community research

Parks we work in:

  • Prairie Drive Park, 101 Pharmacy Ave

Where you can find us

  • 40 Teesdale Place, Scarborough, ON, Canada

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