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Race-Pace Swim Club

The mission of the Race-Pace Swim Club is to raise healthy and physically active children and youth through the swimming program.
The purpose of the Race-Pace swim program is to provide every member with an opportunity to improve swimming skills and achieve success at his or her level of ability, from novice to international competitor. Each of our classes includes dryland training with CrossFit style elements before the actual swim lesson that distinguishes the club from other clubs in Edmonton and surrounding areas. Those dryland practices are held in the parks of the city of Edmonton, especially due to the COVID-19 pandemic, when all the city pools were closed.
Goals of the Race-Pace swim program:
1. Create a safe, fun, and welcome environment for kids and youth.
2. Empowering children and youth through teaching life and leadership skills and gain self-confidence at our regular swim lessons and competitions.
3. Providing discounts and access for our swim program for children from low-income families and newcomers.

Parks we work in:

  • Jackie Parker Park
  • Kinsmen Park

Things we do:

  • games
  • heritage conservation/education
  • running

Where you can find us

  • 24 Glenwood Drive, Sherwood Park, AB, Canada

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