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Taiaiako’n Historical Preservation Society

Taiaiako'n Historical Preservation Society (THPS) has been working for over 18 years to restore and protect culturally significant sites to Indigenous Peoples located around the Humber and Rouge Rivers and High Park.

THPS is working for a conception of the land known as Tkoronto that is inclusive of, and engages with Indigenous Peoples’ histories; supports access for Indigenous communities to their significant sacred sites; and honours our Ancestral connections to the Land.

THPS has been collaborating with the High Park Nature Centre since January 2019. Together we, (Donna Powless, Catherine Tammaro Elders, Joce Two Crows Tremblay and Kim Jackson – Collective members, with visiting Elders) have hosted 10 Indigenous Family Nature Walks, two National Indigenous Peoples Day Celebrations and three virtual events during the pandemic; Medicine Wonder Wander along Niwa'ah
onega'haih'ih (colonial name: Humber River), Wild and Queer - Wonder Wander Pride Event and most recently the Autumnal Full Moon Feasting of the Ghosts. This work has been very beneficial to both Indigenous and non-Indigenous groups and we are happy
to build on this relationship and continue this work.

Parks we work in:

  • High Park
  • Humber River (Etienne Brule)

Things we do:

  • heritage conservation/education
  • indigenous culture

We're looking for volunteers in these areas:

  • Occasional volunteers

Where you can find us

  • High Park Avenue, Toronto, ON, Canada

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