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Since its inception in late 2009, UforChange has worked to ensure every young person confidently pursues a future rich with opportunity. UforChange seeks to achieve this goal through its Core Arts program, offered to over 30 young people every year, along with a series of industry partnerships that lead to workshops and mentorships, which empowers another 350 youth every year. Our Core Arts program includes 8-month courses in Fashion, Photography, DJ and Film that teach youth the fundamentals of such subjects and key skills necessary to pursue higher education, volunteering and entrepreneurship. The workshops and mentorships are offered throughout the year in order the to impact a larger community and to teach us how to improve our Core Arts program. One of our biggest workshop initiatives is Workshops in the 6ix, which provides youth unable to commit to our 8-month program with short-term high-impact workshops in a variety of topics such as business in the arts, graphic design, and theatre, among others. Besides our programs, one of UforChange core goals is to match us with mentors who teach, inspire, guide, and connect us with our respective industries. That being said, UforChange’s work does not only provide young people with professional skills, but also with personal guidance as well as a sense of community.

Furthermore, UforChange believes in the importance of partnerships and creative collaborations. We seek to build partnerships that will ensure the longevity of our organization while also serving the needs of the Regent Park community and the overall betterment of all Toronto youth. Within the Regent Park community UforChange is known as an avid community engagement advocate. During the last four years UforChange has resided within Regent Park, we have built a significant network of community partners - including: The Daniels Corporation, Christian Resource Centre, Regent Park Film Festival, Artscape at Daniels Spectrum, Soulpepper Theatre, George Brown College-Fashion Exchange Program (FX) and the Design Exchange. In partnering with these organizations, UforChange has organized several events at Regent Park North for the benefit of the community such as our annual 'Turn It Out' free DJ workshop series and the 'Regent Park Community Clean Up'. More recently, we have expanded our 'Turn it Out' series to animate The Bentway skating trail. Ultimately, through these initiatives we seek to engage young people in the Regent Park community and also to encourage them to express themselves through the arts.

Parks we work in:

  • Regent Park North
  • The Bentway Skating Trail

Things we do:

  • music

Where you can find us

  • 563 Dundas St E, Toronto, ON, Canada

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