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Watari Counselling and Support Services

The Latin American Outreach program in the Downtown Eastside provides health promotion, education, substance misuse counselling and support around migration issues. With this grant, our purpose is to work with Latin Americans who frequent Oppenheimer park to fully participate in revitalizing and engaging in ongoing stewardship of our green spaces. We have experience hosting, planning, executing, partnering and participating in community events at parks. These events include health fairs and community kitchens. Every year we cook and serve food for over 1200 people in the Alley Health Fair that takes place in the alley between Pender and Hastings and Manitoba streets. We’ve also joined activities such as clean-ups and festivals at parks. Our program has partnered with Carnegie Centre and Heart of the City Festival in the cultural celebration of Day of the Dead. We’ve participated with Pivot Society in camera-distribution for the making of the Downtown Eastside annual calendar. A community garden was created twelve years ago by the Latin American community living in, or frequenting the Downtown Eastside. This garden benefits approximately seventy people each week. These members include the core group who take care of the garden by working the land and enjoying the harvest. As part of our public education projects, we hope to incorporate an environmental care or protection component to events and activities through various environmental partnerships or informational brochures.

Parks we work in:

  • Oppenheimer park
  • Strathcona Park
  • Woodlands park

Things we do:

  • cleanups
  • community garden
  • community meals
  • crafts/folk art
  • indigenous culture
  • music
  • nature walks
  • picnics/bbqs

We're looking for volunteers in these areas:

  • Occasional volunteers

Where you can find us

  • 678 East Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada

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