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Westside Children’s Park Group

The Westside Children's Park Group is a volunteer based park group with the following mission: To add to the vitality of the community of Bowen Island by providing a children's play park on the west side of Bowen for children 2-8 years old. The group, set up by parents and volunteers living on the west side of the island, is focused on the promotion of play, community and the environment while creating and improving programming for young children.
The goals of the park are as follows:
1. Act as

Parks we work in:

  • West Side Children's Park/ West Side Nature Play Scape

Things we do:

  • adventure/nature playground
  • games
  • movie nights
  • picnics/bbqs
  • playground

We're looking for volunteers in these areas:

  • Occasional volunteers

Where you can find us

  • Bowen Island, BC, Canada

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