Meet our 2021 InTO the Ravines Community Champions

InTO the Ravines Community Champions are community leaders who engage their communities in Toronto’s one-of-a-kind ravine system.

Here is what they have to say about their ravines and role.



Patrick Stogianou & Ella Markus from Deerlick Creek

“We’re excited to connect Parkwoods with its best assets: the green space and people power. During the pandemic, many people explored their newfound connection to nature, but this doesn’t have to end just because the pandemic must. Allowing people to use the vast green spaces that exist within their neighbourhoods is something only possible in Toronto.”



Linda Mackay & Avalon Carthew from Tom Riley Park

“Tom Riley Park was once home to model steam train shows and model powerboat regattas. Today, it is a much-loved park filled with people walking their dogs, playing sports, or going for a stroll. It is rich in a variety of trees and native flowers, such as black walnut and goldenrod. We look forward to engaging our community and demonstrating what makes Tom Riley Park such a special place.”



Viola Rawana and Chandra Dasilva from High Field Park and Ravine

” We are excited to become InTO Community Championship and to learn about the different species that live in the Ravine – We believe in connecting to nature and learning about our outdoor space will bring people families and neighbours will benefit our community.”



Geri & Gary James from Newtonbrook Creek/East Don Parklands

“Becoming InTO the Ravine Community Champions will provide us with knowledge and tools to engage our community in our local ravine by helping community members connect with nature and experience all the amazing benefits that ravines offer. Being part of this program will also help us learn how to protect our ravine and all the living things that rely on this special ecosystem.”



Luisa Giacometti & Regina Cunsolo from Queen’s Greenbelt 

“We are fortunate to live in a culturally and demographically diverse community as the Rustic-Maple Leaf neighbourhood. We have both been community leaders for decades; spearheading activities and events and being a voice in an effort to bring people together and improve the community. InTO Ravine Community Champions gives us an opportunity to highlight the benefits of nature that surrounds us daily and to boost mental health, walking, slowing down and connection.”



Ward Smith & Devon Monkhouse from Warden Woods

“Ravines are the gentle giants that keep watch over Toronto neighbourhoods. We think it would be important to engage people who avoid or don’t think of the ravine as a place to go/use.”



Constance Boakye & David Boakye – BlackCreek- DerryDown Park

“We are so grateful and excited to have the opportunity to bring awareness, education and inspiration on a topic and space in our community that rarely gets the attention and appreciation. Finally, our ravines will get the well-deserved spotlight it needs and thanks to InTo the Ravine, our hope is people will treat it like a community treasure.”



Shernett McLeod from Grey Abbey Ravine

“The reason why I’m excited about being a part of my ravine is to explore and learn more about it and get my Community involved and experience the beauty of our ravine with me. Also, to help kids in my community to learn about our ravine giving them a chance to explore the beauty of our community.”



Natasha Gooden – Cedar Ridge Park

It would be nice to get more people to experience the ravine and learn more about it. Lawrence Susan is a high-rise community with people living in small spaces. Greater use of the local ravine means that people have a place to get out into nature, have space around them and forget about the issues that they deal with on a daily basis. The celebrating, connecting and protecting the local ravine is good for people’s positive mental health.”



Riffat Fatima & Lubna Rehman – E.T Seton Park ravine

“Lubna and I are very excited to get this training and when the COVID-19 pressure will be over, we will go on a Ravine walk with our groups, because we both are group leaders of the Steps Challenge program. It will be a healthy and social activity and also a lot of fun !!!. We are very lucky that Flemingdon Park has lush natural green spaces and a ravine system.”



Lisa Dells & Ultris Ottley from Raymore Park/Humber

“The more people that learn the importance of the ravine and why we should celebrate, connect and protect them the better. The connection is great for our mental and spiritual health which in turn helps with the physical. The ravine has much beauty to offer that many of our community members do not know about and if they get to experience the ravine, they will want to celebrate and protect it.”


InTO the Ravines is a program in partnership with the City of Toronto

In-kind support generously provided by Toronto Field Naturalists 

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