Hanbo Jia, Park Animator for Park People in the Agincourt neighbourhood in North Scarborough, Toronto

November 8, 2021

Clemence Marcastel

Hanbo Jia is Park People’s Park animator for the Community Resilience Project in the Agincourt neighbourhood in North Scarborough. As a volunteer, Hanbo coordinates the Friends of Beverly Glen Park. North Scarborough has a large Asian population and Hanbo specializes in working with this largely Mandarin-speaking population.

Hanbo has stellar community engagement skills and is able to engage hundreds of people in park programming. She works with a vulnerable population and knows the importance of getting them outdoors. Through the Community Resilience project, she has worked with community leaders to launch exercise initiatives during the pandemic. She has engaged 320 people in activities ranging from walking, taichi, dancing, drumming, yoga, and cycling, etc. Hanbo is currently studying for a Bachelor of Commerce Finance program at York University.


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