Harpreet Singh – County Court Neighbourhood Association, Brampton

March 31, 2022

Clemence Marcastel

Harpreet is the President of the County Court Neighbourhood Association where his work exemplifies his passion for community
capacity building and sustainable practices with a lens for equitable planning. Harpreet holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Urban Planning Design and Analysis from York University along with a General Certificate in Refugee and Migration Studies and a Certificate from the University of Toronto in Geographical Information Systems for Environmental Management.

He is an advocate for public space and inclusionary practices and sits on the City of Brampton’s Ward 3 and 4 Advisory
Committee. In 2020, Harpreet was featured in the BBC series Building a Better Future, presented by TRCA and the World Green Building Council. In 2021, Harpreet was selected as one of Civic Actions Emerging Leaders and presented his case study on Public Revitalization around County Court.


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