Marica Tagliero, Coop Les Valoristes, Montréal

March 31, 2022

Clemence Marcastel

Marica Tagliero has worked for more than 20 years in environmental and community development in Quebec and abroad. She has a graduate degree in Community Economic Development from Concordia University.

Since her adolescence, she was intrigued and fascinated by the work of the Catadores (informal recyclers or Brazilian binners) in her natal city of Sao Paulo. After arriving in Canada for her studies in the early 90s, Marica could not help but notice that the same activity was happening in the streets of Montréal: People picking up beverage containers from the public domain in order to ameliorate their quality of life. Since 2004, she has been observing and actively working with these informal recyclers of Montreal.

In 2012, Marica became one of the five co-founders of the Coop Les Valoristes, a social enterprise with the goal of providing a voice as well as services to Québec waste-pickers.


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