Matthew Huxley, Chair of the Toronto Alliance to End Homelessness Lived Experience Working Group

November 8, 2021

Clemence Marcastel

Matthew Huxley is a non-status Indigenous person that spent most of his life, from a very young age, in “the system”. Matthew has also spent 20 to 22 years on the streets struggling to live. He is waiting for housing but in the meantime is staying with a friend.

Matthew wanted to be a part of the People With Lived Experience (PWLE) group at Toronto Alliance to End Homelessness to stand up and try to get a voice in the crowd so he can speak out about the issues surrounding poverty. Matthew believes that PWLE need to have a voice and will eventually be involved in helping solve the general goal of ending homelessness and poverty.

During COVID-19, Matthew was an expert informant on Maytree Foundation’s report Engaging lived and living expertise in COVID-19 recovery planning. Through working closely with his network of friends and peers living in park encampments, he brings critical insights on the experiences of people sheltering in parks during the pandemic.


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