Building Solutions

We are the Experts at Putting People at the Centre of Parks and Public Spaces

As Canada’s leading city parks transformation organization, we find creative solutions that bring government, organizations, and communities together to make our parks the best they can be.

Current Building Solutions projects include:

Funding Programs:

Great parks are essential to Toronto’s health and vitality. They strengthen the community and provide environmental, economic and social benefits. With a commitment of $5 million over three years, The W. Garfield Weston Foundation launched the Weston Family Parks Challenge to ensure the long-term sustainability of Toronto’s parks. Building on the success of the first year, the Ontario Trillium Foundation joined in 2014 with an additional commitment of $1.125 million towards the initiative. Park People brings expertise and is administering the program.


Park People writes and shares research that highlights the challenges and opportunities our city parks face. Our latest report, Making Connections proposes strategies for creating a network of parks and open spaces that in a city like Toronto, where density and real estate prices are barriers to new park development. Our many reports inform policy, planning and thinking on issues related to parks and public space.

Consulting Services

As cities grow in population and density, traditional park development becomes more difficult. New creative strategies are needed to meet the parks and open space needs of communities in sometimes challenging environments. Park People has the expertise to navigate this new environment and understands that these challenges also offer opportunities to engage communities in the creation of exciting new parks and open spaces. Park People undertakes consulting projects in the following areas:

  • Research and Planning: Providing practical, solutions-focused research and planning for parks
  • Partnership Development: Devising park partnership models that bring the best of multiple partners together to improve and animate parks.
  • Community Engagement: Facilitating the articulation of a community’s vision for public space and ensuring long-term engagement.

Building Solutions Goal: To advance a progressive and innovative city park agenda

Building Solutions Stories:

Creating a new downtown park on city-owned land

If you stand at the corner of Bathurst and Front Street you can still see the old development proposal sign for a mixed-use development that never came to be. And if Councillor Mike Layton's proposal is approved—and we at Park People think it should—this currently...

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Creating a greener 21st century city

We often wax poetic about urban parks as areas of nature in our cities, but it's interesting to note that some urban parks are not actually the best representation of the natural landscapes of their city, sometimes burying—literally in the case of urban streams—the...

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