The Green Line

Creating a 5km linear park and trail in Toronto’s Dupont hydro corridor

As our city grows, we must look for creative opportunities to expand parks and connect communities. Park People is working on a special project to transform disconnected land in the Dupont hydro corridor into a beautiful, continuous park and trail, connecting multiple communities and becoming a citywide destination. The park will stretch 5km from Earlscourt Park to the Annex, linking communities which are currently low in green space with off-street routes for cycling and walking. Learn more at >

Park People, in partnership with Friends of the Green Line and Workshop Architecture, is building support with the City of Toronto, community, and other partners to realize the Green Line, through the following activities:


Helping form Friends of The Green Line, with a new website and social media presence to share the project’s vision


Creating a successful supporters campaign, reaching local residents, politicians, businesses, and organizations


Animating spaces along the corridor with festivals, educational walks, and community arts projects


Bringing communities, the City, and provincial agencies together to find solutions to move the project forward

A “brilliant proposal” whose “time has come”

Toronto Star

Now is the time to throw support behind the Green Line.

Metro Toronto

Green Line Stories:

Why we’re buzzing about bees

It’s pollinator week, which means it’s time to celebrate everything that tweets, buzzes, and flaps. Now if this was last summer and a bee was to find its way into the Park People office, I would be the first to dive under my desk screaming kill it kill it! But since...

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Butterflies, bees and birds take over the Green Line

Sunday's Bee Line on the Green Line Parade and Pageant paid blissful homage to all creatures that pollinate. The parade was our way of celebrating the native pollinator gardens that have been planted all along the Green Line. Park People, Clay and Paper Theatre and...

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Get Buzzed at the Bee Line Parade and Pageant

For the past several Sundays, I've found myself creating bee bodies from cardboard, painting yellow and black stripes, and cutting out insect wings with our friends from Clay and Paper Theatre in preparation for our Bee Line on the Green Line Parade and Pageant. The...

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