Webinar Insights on Reimagining Public Engagement in Parks and Public Spaces

October 23, 2020

Molly Connor

Our September 30, our webinar titled “Don’t just tick the box, think outside it: Reimagining public engagement in parks and public spaces” inspired the seven key insights below, which we hope will help shape new creative and community-centric approaches to community engagement that happen long before park designs are rendered and long after the ribbon is cut.

The webinar is part of our series 7 Questions: The Future of Parks and Public Spaces. The webinar panellists were Cheryll Case, Founder and Principal, CP Planning; City of Brampton, Jennifer Franks, Lead, Indigenous Placemaking, City of Toronto, Mikael St. Pierre, Project and Development Manager at Montréal Urban Ecology Centre, and Sophia Horwitz, partner and co-founder of COLAB


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