End of school party

December 4, 2017

Jodi Lastman

An end of school party in the park can quickly become an annual tradition that helps kids celebrate shutting the books for a couple of months and helps them say goodbye to pals before heading in different directions over the summer. The truth is parents like a chance to say goodbye to schoolyard parent friends before facing the new summertime schedule and appreciate seeing their kids burn off some extra energy.

Parks are a great shared space for kids and parents. An end of school party is also a great way for your park group to forge a strong connection with the schools in the surrounding vicinity. Make sure you connect with them about the event.

MABELLEarts Arts hosts a Watermelon Smash which a local paper aptly called an “explosion of fruit and joy.” The celebration centers around inviting the youngest child to smash a watermelon on the ground. When it breaks into bits, everyone gets to share in devouring it. The event is deliberately a “little wild” says MABELLEarts’ Assistant Artistic Director Shifra Cooper, “kids rule the day.”

Letting kids feel is charge is great advice for hosting an end of school event in the park.  Here are some more ideas to make the last day of school a big hit.



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